Parents and students should not have to worry about how to get to a school. They should not have to worry about how safe the school and its grounds are. We, as a community, have the resources to help students and families who need it to give them a better opportunity for their futures.

I have worked with many opportunity youth. I realize that many of them have to have their hierarchy of needs met before they can really succeed in a school setting. Many people have given up on them because of "behavior issues." But really, some of us just need a leg up, someone to support us and guide us, someone who sees us and our potential. A student who is barely literate may be excellent in thinking about how to draw a 3D model on a 2D whiteboard to explain to his classmates how a whirligig works. But if no one gives him the chance to show his skill because he acts up because he may be hangry, then we are doing this student a disservice.